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my msn ;) [Mar. 23rd, 2009|07:32 am]
MSN Furs
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ok. i havent posted in here yet and i'd love to talk to some fellow furries ^-^

so, heres a low down on me

i am an unofficial model (under the name Harley HaPhAzArD) for a clothing range (what it is is not relevent) but, im all into the fashion and forgot what i truly loved to do ... being a furry ^-^ so, i've quit that lifestyle for the time being and just being myself instead of someone im not.


im 14, im from the uk (it sucks) and ima girl ^-^

so yeh, i love to talk, my names xywolf but Miyako my real fake name.... (i dont like my real name) uhhmmm. yeh, i dont have any pics of my furry yet, so its just me as my display picture. but will be uploading pics sooon ^-^

i can't wait to talk to some real furs ^-^     -my msn----  harleyj94@hotmail.com